From a young age I recognized my connection with dogs. When told I could be whatever I wanted, I insisted I would be a dog.

Recognizing, later on, that would not be possible, I set my sights on a career working with animals.

After completing a High School Co-op placement at Bronte Road Animal Hospital, I continued to work at the clinic for over 5 years.  

I acquired my first dog Apollo, a mixed breed, when I entered college.

Since then, having lost several purebred dogs to serious illness while they were young, I made it my mission to provide people with purebred dogs that experience the health and longevity I have experienced in a mixed breed.

My friend Apollo is still with me, a healthy senior of 15 years since entering my life.   

Having several family members and friends with severe allergies to dogs, and understanding their wish to include a dog in their lives, I ventured into Poodles. I fell in love with the intelligence, versatility, and aesthetic of the breed.  

My focus is on creating robust versatile family friendly dogs. I choose dogs from old working lines which are large and sturdy with well-rounded temperaments.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.